Sunday School 10:00 a.m.

Worship Service 11:00 a.m.

Sunday Small Group Studies 6:00 p.m.

1048 Dudley Rd.

Marion, SC 29571

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There's no question that God uses small groups. Sometimes, the groups are formal and organized; sometimes, they just "happen" as people with the same interests get together on a regular basis to explore what God has to show them. Often, a small group is a source of comfort and encouragement during a time of need. Just knowing that people are there who care is a big lift to our spirits when things are weighing us down.


At Ebenezer, we have a mixture of small groups.


1. Sunday School classes on Sunday mornings form the most visible small group ministry in our church. Class sizes include 10 members or so, and therefore, there's a freedom to share what is going on in each person's life. Bible Study topics vary by group, but the Word of God is always at the heart of each small group. Prayer time is a part of each class, and members are free to share their own personal prayer requests in a safe environment.


2. Sunday night small groups are a mainstay of our small group program. These groups are more flexible and change throughout the year depending on the needs at any given time. The young people have their small group time where they divide up by age group to have study time, sharing time, and fellowship time. The adults also have one or two study groups throughout the year. Sometimes, all the adults meet together for a concentrated time together as a body; at other times, there are separate study groups for men and women to examine topics from the unique perspective of gender. Regardless, the small group time on Sunday nights is less formal, includes prayer time again, and is a way to grow in the Lord.


3. The Men's Fellowship and Woman's Missionary Society form small group studies as well. Because of the size of our church, these organizations within our church are an intimate group of men and women who get together to meet each other's needs while we are serving the Lord. They meet monthly for fellowship, Bible study, and to seek out church and community projects that God has placed on their hearts.


4. Informal small groups arise as individuals in the church feel that God is leading them to delve deeper into His word and to do so with a much smaller group. In this case, we rely on the Holy Spirit to impress on people's hearts the need to meet at times other than regular church service times for prayer, sharing, and Bible study.


No matter your need, there is the opportunity for a small group for you at Ebenezer. If there's not one already established for your particular need, then be in prayer that God will bring you together with other like-minded individuals who have a need for a small group.