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Below you will find the current sermon series. Archive sermon series will be added in the months ahead.



A series based on the book by Randy Alcorn. Come join us as we look at what we can expect to experience in Heaven AND how that should change how we live NOW.





I'd Rather Have the Wheelchair

This is a video originally recorded in 2010. Harold Lucas is in his early 50s and is a resident at the Mullins Nursing Center. In his teens and into his 20s, Harold was a drug user and drug dealer. At the age of 31, he was beaten, left for dead, and suffered a stroke in the process. In the midst of the aftermath of the stroke, Harold found Jesus Christ, and his life has never been the same. Listen to his testimony below and see how a REAL God changes people.






Grace Found HERE!

The grace of God is beyond our ability to comprehend. Join us for a series of sermons that shows that whenver God's grace shows up, truth is ALWAYS present simultaneously. We will look at four common areas in which we desperately need God's grace, but He does not give it without revealing to us the truth of our situation.







Our "Niche"...What is It?

God has a particular "niche" for each of us to discover. It is a special role/job/vocation in His kingdom. Only He can reveal it to each person, but it starts with us realizing that we are not to be sideline players on His team.








And They Called It "THE CHURCH"

Come see some of the characteristics of the early church in the Book of Acts and apply that to how today's church should operate.







Come join us as we look at some of the fundamentals of being a Jesus follower; even if you have been saved for a long time, you WILL find something new in what it means to be a Christian.










Sermon Series 1



Come join us as we explore the journey of the Israelites to the Promised Land. God revealed Himself to them in many different ways and taught them many lessons along the way; those lessons are still pertinent to us today.





SUMMARY OF MESSAGES (click in the hubnut above to select the video or go to

Emails from the Journey Part 1 - We pick up the journey of the Israelites after they have crossed the Red Sea and encounter bitter water.

Emails from the Journey Part 2 - God supplies manna for the Israelites...what should that mean for us today? Are we going to question "What is it?" like the Israelites did when God answers our prayers in a way we didn't anticipate?

Emails from the Journey Part 3 - The Israelites are again at a place where there is no water, and this time God instructs Moses to strike a rock. How much water was needed, and what was God showing them (and us) by supplying water in this method?

Emails from the Journey Part 4- The Israelites are facing their distant relatives, the Amalekites in a major battle. It looks like the conflict is happening with Joshua and the soldiers down on the field, but it turns out the REAL battle is being fought on the hillside by Moses.

Emails from the Journey Part 5- This week, we're looking at an unusual conversation between Moses and his father-in-law Jethro. Sometimes, this passage is used to teach about delegating responsibility, but there's another lesson in it for us...on judging ourselves.

Emails from the Journey Part 6- The Israelites are rapidly approaching Mt. Sinai to receive the law. As they arrive, God has some rather stern words for them to reinforce the truth that while He is loving, He must be revered and respected.

Emails from the Journey Part 7- God gave the law to the Israelites. We tend to look at the law as a burden, but the Bible tells us that law was our "tutor." What does that mean? Join in as we look at examples from the engineering and scientific fields to see how the law could get us ready for the "real thing"...the coming of Jesus.

Emails from the Journey Part 8- What is the purpose of the Old Testament Law? Is it just about keeping a bunch of rules, or is God interested in something much more? Maybe, just maybe, the law has a lot more to show to us...and it points us to Jesus, who was with the Israelites in the Old Testament.

Emails from the Journey Part 9- What about all those requirements that God gave Moses about the tabernacle and the robes of the high priest? Were those just a laundry list of things to do, or was He showing something more? Join us as we see that they ALL point to the person of Jesus Christ.

Emails from the Journey Part 10- What happens when God is silent? We look at the plight of the Israelites while Moses is on the mountain receiving the law...but the Israelites are in a time of silence from God.

Emails from the Journey Part 11 It's not easy understanding God's omniscience, and this message raises as many questions as it answers. God knew ahead of time that the Israelites would make the golden calf. Why does He allow it, and why does He seem to react the way He does? Does God change His mind?

Emails from the Journey Part 12 (Added 8/10/12) In Part 11, we saw that God does not change His mind, and that SHOULD bother us. If God is unchanging, then HOW and WHY should we pray? Maybe there's a LOT more to prayer than we thought before.

Emails from the Journey Part 13 (Added 8/16/12) When Moses comes down from Mt. Sinai with the Ten Commandments, he sees the golden calf and smashes the tablets. We usually assume he smashes the tablets out of anger, but is there something else going on that teaches us something about ourselves?

Emails from the Journey Part 14 (Added 8/17/12) Consequences...we don't like them. We'd like to think that once we said "I'm sorry," it'd all be over. However, there's always something that remains even after the sin has been confessed.

Emails from the Journey Part 15 (Added 8/22/12) So what heritage did we get from our parents and grandparents? Does that make our current behavior acceptable? What are we passing along to those after us? See how that applies to the Israelites and how it applies to us in Part 15 of our journey.